How To Easily Find A G-Spot

How To Easily Find A G-Spot


Today we are ready to start the Quest in searching of the G-spot and how to do it.

G-Spot is the most sensitive area inside of her vagina. This is the area that delivers her the vaginal orgasms during sexual intercourse. You can also lead her to orgasm with g-spot stimulation with your finger. Now the g-spot itself is around one inch.

We want to be able to give her amazing, full figure vaginal orgasms during intercourse and vaginal orgasms collected from either animating her G-spot or her – A-spot. So let’s talk about how do we getting to that G-spot while we’re having sex. I should say hitting her G-spot if you make the time before actual penetration to stimulate and get her G-spot unusually aroused with your finger.

Go about two knuckles in up on the front of a vagina from the inside, while she’s laying on her back going in and going up onto the front wall. When you stimulate her you begin to arouse her G-spot.

And the reason why you cannot find it is because at rest, it’s completely flat, you can’t really find the G-spot all that easily. But as it becomes more erected, she becomes more provoked, then it becomes more sensitive and it becomes more convex from the surface and gets it easier for her to have a G-spot orgasm. If we make the time to stimulate it before actual intercourse, and if we actually deliver her an orgasm before main course she is gonna stay in orgasmic mood for longer and will be very sensitive for each of your touches by then, especially by the penis if you make the proper use of it, instead of just sliding in and out.

G-spot is one inch wide, the exact shape does vary from girl to girl, sometimes a bit more circular, sometimes a bit squarer, but it’s around about the same size every time. Furthermore, the site of the g-spot inside the woman’s vagina is in the exact same spot situated for every woman. Now, when you put your finger inside her, the g-spot will feel, like any other part of her vagina. Until a woman is sexually aroused when she becomes in sexual mood, blood flows into the g-spot area, the area kind of swells up a little and feels just a little uneven a little bit veiny and essentially it’s like a softer explanation of a wall. Easy, to find her g-spot, you can insert your third finger inside of her vagina up to the second knuckle and then Bend upwards here towards her stomach.

If you have very short fingers, you might have to stick it all the way in, but, as you curl up inside, her you’ll feel this little rough surface. The skin a lot rougher here. So the g-spot is always about that far inside her about two inches and it’s up just behind her clitoris. This is the area that generally needs foreplay for the mood of women to orgasm during sexual intercourse. So because most men don’t notice, most women don’t get to orgasm during sexual intercourse.

You are much less likely make her cum if you do not try to locate the g-spot and tease it during foreplay. Take time to tease her g-spot before penis penetration so it gets aroused and then, you will see for yourself how easy is to stroke her g-spot in order to maximize her chances of giving her a g-spot, orgasm and everything else, orgasm referred.

Play with this around, see the difference for yourself, how woman reacts on your new method, and next time we will tell you which sex positions are the best for making her scream with delight after the g-spot is ready for further real play.